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Tomer L. Makiyes was born in August 1985 in a small town called Pardes Hanna in Israel. Now living with his wife Avital and beautiful daughters Eleanor and Oriane. Tomer began his career in photography while serving in the IDF.

During the second war with Lebanon in 2006, where Tomer served in the army his inspiration for photography flourished. The will to preserve the memories of the battle which was fought showed him another side to photography. After his military service in 2007, Tomer started his studies in photography at the Wizo Academy in Haifa Israel and graduated with honors.

Throughout his studies he started working as a photographer for various magazines where he gained his experience. He also worked with documentary, news , and commercial photography.

The development of technology brought Tomer to discover stereoscopic photography, also known as 3D photography.   He was sent by a company  to Chong Qing, China in 2010 to a specialized course for stereoscopic photography without 3D glasses. During that year, he developed along with others the stereoscopic technology and ran a studio in Jerusalem.


Today Tomer is a freelance photographer who works in fashion photography and artistic portraits for companies and business' image. Tomer also taking photos of unique weddings.


As you will browse the site you will see the variation of photography. 

© 2021 By Tomer L. Makiyes.

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